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Local Sports Bar in Clayton, NC

For delicious food and great service, look no further than Sal Y Pimienta Restaurant & Sport Bar. We take pride in operating a clean establishment and offering the most diverse menu you’ll find in Clayton, NC, or the surrounding areas. From the checkered floor to the red, yellow, and black paint, you’ll see we take racing seriously at our restaurant. Whether it’s happening at the go-kart track, nearest drag strip, or broadcasted on television, we love the competition and thrill of fast cars. The owners of our sports bar come from racing families, so they decided to share their passion for motorsports and delicious food with Johnston County residents.

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The Best place to enjoy after work

Whether you’re in the mood for chicken wings or Venezuelan food, there’s a great chance you’ll love dining at our sports bar. Grab a table with friends or pull up a seat at the bar; we love meeting new guests and learning about their go-to food and drink orders. We offer a wide variety of entrees, desserts, and sodas that will satisfy any palate. Just bring your appetite, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Control the costs of eating out by visiting Sal Y Pimienta Restaurant & Sport Bar. Whether you prefer burgers or empanadas, we promise to deliver warm meals, affordable prices, and superior customer service. 

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Diverse Menu

Take a tour of Venezuela, Cuba, Italy, and California without leaving home. By visiting our restaurant, you can enjoy these great foods without leaving town.
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Catering Services

Do you need help organizing a family get-together or special event? Order your food and drinks from us, and we’ll make sure everyone at the party enjoys a warm, filling meal.
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Full Bar

Enjoy your time after work and relieve stress with a drink or two. With a bar packed full of delicious beer and popular wines, we’re sure to have something you’ll enjoy drinking. 

About Sal y Pimienta

Rosemary Coffaro, executive chef and owner, was inspired and motivated by her culture and wanted to cultivate that same culture in the town of Clayton. Sal y Pimienta Restaurant & Sport Bar is a family friendly environment with a multicultural menu with four different countries such as USA, Venezuela, Cuba, and Italy. Born in Venezuela, she learned all about Venezuelan cuisine and the ingredients necessary to replicate the best of Venezuela. Rosemary's family is from Italy from which her passion and admiration for the Italian cuisine began. She started to understand and replicate authentic Italian recipes while having a complete knowledge of the Venezuelan cuisine. Certified as professional chef, she learn different types of cuisine from all over the world. Rosemary did a trip to Cuba where she enjoyed cooking with the people and learned their culture by their side. James aka Jim, executive chef and owner, was raised and born in the USA. Jim's grandfather had a passion for cocking and inculcated the same passion to him. He started learning from his grandfather and grew up learning and studying the American cuisine. He later in life started a restaurant where he gain experience and knowledge of the restaurant businesses and how restaurants operate. Together, they created what is know today as Sal y Pimienta Restaurant & Sport Bar. They have come to create a place where different cultures can congregate and enjoy the best of their own culture. It is a sports bar theme based on Rosemary's family passion about racing cars and her brother's profession as rally racing driver.