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Wings, Burgers, Full Bar and More in Clayton, NC

Take your choice of one of four menus and get lost in a world of mouthwatering food options. Our team at Sal Y Pimienta Restaurant & Sport Bar offers staple dishes from Venezuela, Italy, Cuba, and America, creating the most diverse dining experience available in the Clayton, NC, area. We are the first restaurant in the triangle to offer a full keto menu. We also have the most famous Cuban sandwich in town. If you’re in the mood for plantains or sandwiches, pick up our Venezuelan menu to find dishes such as arepas, Pabellón criollo, and cachitos. All plates are served hot and prepared using fresh ingredients. For those who get excited about a thick cut of meat, we suggest grabbing a Cuban menu for arroz congri, and lechon. Whichever you choose, take peace of mind knowing it will be cooked by a professional chef inside a clean, sanitary kitchen.

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